Mar 22
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Minimum $2500 cash or securities

Applications and forms can be downloaded to your PC for printing, completion and forwarding to U.S. Brokerage, Inc. Follow the steps below. All forms are in the Adobe Acrobat Format (.PDF).

Step 1:
Download Adobe Reader:


If you already have Adobe Reader, proceed to STEP 2.

Step 2:
Download and print each of the following applications/agreements:
Step 3:

Determine which additional forms/applications are needed to open your account. Download, print, and complete the appropriate forms.

Step 4:

Please complete all forms in their entirety and return with a photo copy of a picture identification (driver's license, passport, state issued id, etc) to:

U.S. Brokerage, Inc.
673 Mohawk Street, Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43206

A U.S. Brokerage, Inc. representative will contact you immediately upon the receipt of your application to provide you with the information you need to begin trading on-line. Please note that funds or buying power must be in your account BEFORE trades can be accepted. Should you desire to enclose an initial deposit to your brokerage account please make your personal check payable to: Southwest Securities (see adding funds to your account.) We will credit your deposit to your account immediately.