Mar 22
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Cash Management PDF Print E-mail
U.S. Brokerage, Inc. provides its clients with a convenient way to manage investment account cash. By selecting one of 9 available money market funds, investors can keep idle dollars fully invested and automatically available when needed to pay for stock, option, mutual fund, and bond transactions. All the funds seek to earn current income for shareholders, but may be invested in different securities to do so. Talk to your investment representative to find out which fund is most appropriate for you. These money market funds are managed by the investment professionals at Dreyfus Family of Money Market Funds, one of America's leading mutual fund companies.

Withdrawing Funds To Your Account PDF Print E-mail

Funds can be withdrawn from your brokerage account through the following methods:

  1. Requesting a check by calling U.S. Brokerage, Inc.
  2. Writing a check or using your VISA Check Card drawn on your brokerage account.

Check Request Deadline

Please note the following deadline for check requests. Requests received by U.S. Brokerage, Inc. before 12:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard) will be processed on the day they are received. Requests received after 12:00 P.M. will be processed the following business day.

Adding Funds To Your Account PDF Print E-mail

Funds can be added to your U.S. Brokerage, Inc. account by:

  • Depositing a check
  • Wiring funds
  • Transferring an existing investment account

All funds must be in U.S. dollars.


Request Certificates PDF Print E-mail
U.S. Brokerage, Inc. will send clients certificates from their brokerage accounts when a request is made ($50 mailing fee per certificate). Please contact U.S. Brokerage, Inc. by phone with certificate requests.